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Emotional Freedom Technique with Valerie


Valerie will introduce EFT and why/how it worksClients will ne required to complete their consultation forms including their individual statements & score where they are on SUDS scale 1 - 10 Valerie will demonstrate how EFT is delivered and explain how you use their own individual statements The tapping technique will start together and see where it goes for each client, making adjustments as needed throughout the session After 3 rounds of tapping check SUDS scale, if need be, carry on tapping, the aim is to bring suds’ level down to 0 When 0 is achieved congratulate clients and ask how they feel Each client will be provided a plan to take home to use regularly as part of their recovery journey 


6 - 7pm Thursday 11th August

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Be True To You Recovery C.I.C

We aim to provide support to those with mental health conditions, fibromyalgia and other co existing conditions. We offer 1:1 support and group therapy based and support groups from a team of holistic health and wellbeing practitioners