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Movement with Kirsty

4pp (introductory offer & subject to change)

Movement Session with Kirsty Fibromyalgia friendly session & for all abilities 🦋 We must keep our bodies moving in a gentle & compassionate way for symptom reduction & increased overall wellbeing 🦋 In this group Kirsty offers a flexible & adaptable approach, support, discussion, guidance & understanding in the challenges that chronic illness may bring Whether you move for a 2 minutes or 22 minutes you will not be judged 💜 You'll even see me (Keilly) in these sessions as it's an area I'm working on for myself


Friday 12pm starting on 26th Aug and weekly sessions thereafter

How to book

Please email to express interest & confirm you place enquiries@betruetoyourecoverycic.org



Be True To You Recovery C.I.C

We aim to provide support to those with mental health conditions, fibromyalgia and other co existing conditions. We offer 1:1 support and group therapy based and support groups from a team of holistic health and wellbeing practitioners