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Mindful Movers Run Walk Talk Session


Join us for our weekly Friday Run Walk Talk session 10:00 - 11:00am.

We are a friendly volunteer led group who meet to move more together and get the positive physical and mental health benefits of doing so.

We cater for all abilities as we split into walking and running groups. Running groups muster back so we stay together as a team. We are currently following the NHS 0-5km app with the running group to hopefully complete the Thornes Park run once it re-starts.

We sometimes do additional activities in the sessions such short exercise circuits but these are always optional for participants.

We meet in the carpark opposite Thornes Park athletics stadium from 9:45am ready to start at 10am. Sessions usually last around 60 mins.

For more information send us an email or message via our Facebook page @MMrunwalktalk or Instagram profile @mindful_movers

All session are free :-)


Fridays 10:00 - 11:00am

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing for exercise. Bring water, sun cream, waterproof jacket based on the weather forecast.


Outdoor, Sports, Wellbeing


Autism friendly, Dementia friendly

Age range

18 – 85

Mindful Movers

We are a friendly run walk talk group who use Thornes park as our main base to move more together. We cater for all abilities as we break into a walking or running group. we sometimes add in other activities but these are always optional.
The main focus is to increase wellbeing through moving more in green space and socialising with peers. We support each other and have formed many friendships. We sometimes go on tour and explore other green space venues in the Wakefield District and have opportunities for volunteer leaders.
07742 428216
Facebook: @MMrunwalktalk, Instagram: @mindul_movers