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Freedom From Fibromyalgia


This introductory course, run in conjunction with the NHS Recovery and Wellbeing College Wakefield and will provide an overview of fibromyalgia, what it is and how it effects people in different ways.

Throughout this course we will explore the different areas of our lives and how we can make adjustments to reduce our symptoms and allow for a better quality of life.

The course will cover nutrition, sleep, pain management, relationships, employment & finance, mental health, mindset & values.

This is an interactive course where you can share your experiences if you wish to do so. We will also provide some resources, direction to future support & guidance to building a support network for your recovery journey.

You are not alone and there is hope for recovery.


5th 12th 19th September

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Be True To You Recovery C.I.C

We aim to provide support to those with mental health conditions, fibromyalgia and other co existing conditions. We offer 1:1 support and group therapy based and support groups from a team of holistic health and wellbeing practitioners